Security, Word #1

City wireless services are numerous.  Security is always our first order of business. Your critical infrastructure depends on how well your security is handled.  We utilize technology which exceeds the highest industry standards for security. Your city expects and demands this network integrity.  We deliver it. 

Security cameras in high crime areas, network for police, fire and ambulance and many other city wireless services are immediately available.


Along with our industry partners, we work with energy providers serving more than 70 million homes and businesses around the world. City wireless services we deliver, help enable massive scalability and functionality to millions of devices while reducing infrastructure and operational costs.

Future-Proof Optimized

Future-proofing begins with open standards, used to deploy any smart grid application.  Energy providers will be able to future-proof Smart Grid investments, using enhanced city wireless services today and improving them tomorrow.  Interoperability with a large ecosystem of partners allows city services and utilities to move with continuous innovation. 


City Wireless Services save money!

Bring in the experts.  The equipment vendors are in business to sell products.  The experts make sure the products work.

Nothing worse than being sold equipment, still on the drawing board.  You buy promises and your money goes to continued development.  Not good.

City Wireless Services made simple

We thrive on the latest technologies to make your city hum.  The latest/greatest new gimmick may not be best at all.  It is our job to know this, not yours.  You need to run what we build.  We build something you can run.


Next Steps?

Contact us for a quick assessment of your needs.  We may suggest many ideas you hadn't considered which may not add to the costs. And, cost-saving applications that make you a hero in your own home town!  Don't get sold a bill of goods by an equipment provider wanting to dump boxes on your doorstep.  Click "City Solutions" to the right for a free consultation!