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Our Approach

City Wireless Networks

Bobby Vassallo is a city wireless builder. "Cities have multiple assets to utilize for public safety. Water towers and high spots are waiting for a chance to protect citizens and save taxpayer moneys on public works.  Your city wireless network does it all, just the way we planned it. Smart Cities save money and gain man hours wasted on constantly rolling trucks," says Bobby Vassallo.

Bobby's group of experts have worked on projects on four continents and we continue to assist cities and communities on smart features, saving money and improving public safety.   Improved and expedited services from police, fire and ambulance get you re-elected. Wireless projects started back in 2002 and city wireless builders have been on the cutting edge of services ever since.  Let real pros help your city save money and improve services."

Our Story

Our Beginnings

"Our first city wireless networks were in Tijuana and Tecate.  While the equipment wasn't up to snuff, our desire to build a cross-border network drove us to accomplish it.  With towers on both sides, we sent internet over the border, lighting an otherwise unlit Tijuana with newfound internet capacities.  Our customers loved us and we learned much from that first encounter with wireless networking," says Bobby Vassallo, city wireless builder.

Over the years, equipment has greatly improved making the city wireless builder's  job easier and services more enhanced.  "While we have worked with larger cities, our favorites are the smaller ones with populations under a half-million.  Those you accomplish quickly and can soon see the results of your creation.  We like to "wow" a community.  We do!

Meet the Team

We not only bring in the team to build your city wireless network, but can assist in hiring your IT specialists to run it. Generally, a city IT director isn't up to this new task.  How could he be?  It's new!  While we get surprised once in a while, the IT director is usually happy to work with us through this process and not be intimidated by it.  His job is on the line should his bosses not support him.  We like to keep everyone in place and assist in training the IT department on how it runs.

Bobby Vassallo 8

Bobby Vassallo

Founder & CEO

Bobby Vassallo is a long-time fiber, wireless and WiFi expert.  As well as cities, hotels and car dealerships are a specialty anywhere that high-density WiFi is needed.  Bobby has built networks all over the world.  In Dallas, Bobby enjoys the travel and interaction between client and builder.


Audry Wright

Vice President

One of our resident gurus on all things wireless, Erica handles the "back end" of the house. Servers and switches and routers are her life.   She makes your network sing!


Robert Andrews

Data Centers/Large User

Our logistics specialist, Tim organizes and deploys equipment and people.  Tim keeps days filled with work being done at the right location and with the right tools, equipment and people.

Next Steps...

Call us for a free consultation.  We will suggest next steps.  Do Not depend on sales pitches from equipment providers.  They deliver equipment, not solutions.  You need much more than just equipment and what you bought may not be what you need.  Hit us up!