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City Wireless Builder

City wireless builders know, a smart city is a happy one.  A city wireless builder knows how to improve city services and enhance public safety.  City wireless builders preach it.

Cameras in high-crime areas?  No problem.  City services?  City workers with iPads or tablets don't need to return to their trucks for work orders to be filled.  Orders and instructions are with them, wirelessly. Reports (sent back to the office) are uploaded on the fly.  Doesn't matter.  Man hours are saved, productivity up.

Bobby Vassallo says, "If your city or town needs to upgrade and design and build a network, call a real city wireless builder.  A fiber and wireless pro, Bobby's city wireless builders are tops.


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Law Enforcement

Smart cities have cameras in high crime areas and problem spots. City wireless builders make sure "dash cameras"po and body cameras upload at speeds allowing the police captain to watch from his desk if he should choose.  City wireless builders know how to maximize camera services.  High crime area monitoring is tantamount to public safety!

Police stopping a wanted person, instantly checking databases for his status?  Hard to do with any speed over an old push-to-talk walkie-talkie.  With WiFi speeds provided to officers through the city wireless network, worldwide databases can be retrieved and checked in seconds. There is nowhere to run in a smart city.

Smart City Now!

Fire Department Services

When the fire truck actually becomes the "hot spot" for wireless access, the firefighters are "hands-free" and doing what they do best.  Keeping all responders in communication with the chief, seconds are saved, lives are spared.  Video cameras on the truck, film the entire event for later review.  Body cameras all stream back to the truck, then back to city hall in "real time."

After, the boys back at the station enjoy the robust WiFi the city network provides.  Costs reduced, services enhanced, public safety improved.  Bobby Vassallo says, "Call a city wireless builder.  Get re-elected!"

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Since 1993

City Services from Desktop


Imagine the city manager knowing what's in a water tower across town by the click of a mouse?  What if he sees water capacities in all of the towers in his town at his desk?  Wireless networks allow this functionality and the opportunity to direct city services from your desktop.  No need to roll that truck to get answers.

Wirelessly, update that public works driver's tablet for his next destination and task. Scheduling is a snap.  Cities across the world are adopting wireless services, adding much-needed cost saving applications to the city service worker. Maintenance workers are all directed by wirelessly-updated tablets from the office.  Jobs are ordered and changed in sequence, allowing for any changes during unforeseen emergencies or order of importance.

Next Steps?

Let us know what your city or community needs.  Or, contact us for our thoughts on how to improve your city communications, bringing you into the smart city revolution.